Walking with Jesus through the Streets of Rotterdam – 24-7 Prayer International

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    Walking with Jesus through the Streets of Rotterdam

    Jonathan & Esther

    3 Min Read

    29 September 2020

    We’ve received this inspiring update from Jonathan and Esther who are part of 24-7 Prayer Netherlands. They’ve started a very ambitious challenge – to prayer walk every street of their city!

    What would happen if Jesus walked through every street of your town or city? What would He see? What would He pray? What would He bless?

    A year and a half ago we decided to walk with Jesus through our city of Rotterdam, which has 650.000 inhabitants. We bought a map and started contacting churches and pioneers, to see if we could join them in their neighbourhood, and pray with them for their streets.

    We were inspired by one of the mayors of Mexico City, who, in the years leading up to his election, walked every street of this huge city. Afterwards, He could say with confidence that he knew where people lived; he had seen them; he had been there.

    This morning we prayed near the central station of Rotterdam, joining a small Baptist church who have recently started sharing their building with an international church. The pastor invited both congregations to come and join us.

    A dozen people from different backgrounds gathered, and we split up into small groups  to pray through the streets. Jonathan walked with a local real estate broker and a train conductor, who said, ‘I never thought I would prayer walk but this is my neighbourhood. It was pretty normal, and I saw much more than I expected.’

    Esther walked with a young Chinese man who fled his country after being persecuted for his Christian faith. He prayed for radical faith for the Dutch. How humbling and inspiring to walk next to a man who gave everything up for Jesus.

    Evaluating over a cup of coffee, people mostly felt surprised. A couple of ladies had walked through a grey, boring street with some small shops. One stood out so they decided to compliment the Muslim owner, who felt seen and appreciated. He asked them what they were doing. They told him they were prayer walking and the smile on his face grew even bigger.

    Almost every week that we walk, pastors feel encouraged, surprised and challenged. And slowly we colour in our map – Jesus has been walking through their streets.

    Inspired by this story? Check out our prayer page on Prayer Walking and get started! 

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    Jonathan & Esther
    Jonathan & Esther

    Jonathan and Esther moved with their children to Rotterdam to set up a House of Prayer. Together with a team and in relationship with churches and entrepreneurs, they aim to make Jesus the talk of the town.