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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

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The Lectio Course

How to Hear God by Praying the Bible

The Lectio Course is a five session video series with Pete Greig and special guests exploring the ancient practice of Lectio Divina.

“How can I grow in my prayer life?”

“What on earth is God saying?”

“How do I make sense of the Bible?”

The Lectio Course is a free small group resource from 24-7 Prayer which will equip you and your community to grow in prayer, discern God’s voice and fall in love with the Bible.

Learn how to hear God by praying the Bible together as a community.


The Lectio Course

“Learning to hear God’s voice – his word and his whisper – is the single most important thing you will ever learn to do.”
Pete Greig

The Lectio Course is a free small group resource from 24-7 Prayer which will equip you and your community to learn how to hear God by praying the Bible.

Produced in partnership with RightNow Media, the course is based on Pete Greig’s book, How to Hear God, and explores the ancient practice of Lectio Divina.

The Sessions

Each 15 minute video session unpacks a different aspect of Lectio Divina, explaining very practically how to do it. The 5 sessions also feature remarkable guests sharing their experiences and wisdom in this area.

Each session has been designed for small groups to watch together and discuss. Each session comes with a discussion guide and practical activities to help you go deeper in your own relationship with God.

The Lectio Course is filmed on location at Waverley Abbey and on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.



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More Resources

How to Hear God: A Simple Guide for Normal People  

The Lectio Course focuses primarily on learning to hear God’s voice through lectio divina, an ancient way of reading the Bible. Pete explores this practice in greater detail in his book, How to Hear God, which is a rich supplementary resource if you want to go deeper. 

If you or the group you’re doing the Lectio Course with are hungry to learn more about other ways that God speaks, this book is an amazing place to start.


Lectio 365 – A practical way to try Lectio Divina  

The Lectio 365 app is a great way to try out lectio divina for yourself. Pray the Bible every day – ten minutes in the morning and ten at night – and encounter God for yourself. 

Download Lectio 365


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