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    24-7 Ibiza: Stepping into Christ

    Poppy Williams

    5 Min Read

    14 November 2019

    We’ve received this fantastic update from Poppy, who’s part of the 24-7 Ibiza team. Read what happened this summer, and be encouraged in your own faith too: 

    Every summer, so many incredible people join us in Ibiza as part of our two-week mission teams. I always end up learning something from each team, and this season, one particular lesson sticks out.

    If you come on a two-week team, you participate in a variety of activities –  joining us in our night time street work, prayer walking and even handing out oranges on the beach. We also love to send our two-week teams clubbing, and over the years we’ve sent teams to different clubs all over the island.

    Even though the venues have changed over the years, our goal for going into the clubs stays the same.  We’re there to dance, pray, and to see what God wants to get up to!

    On one of our first teams this summer, we had an amazing older couple join us. I’m not sure how they felt about seeing clubbing on the schedule, but when the night came, they put on brave faces and went for it.

    Within an hour of being in the club, they were approached by a young man. He’d seen the older couple dancing across the room and wanted to know why they were there.

    “Do you like house music?” he asked as he approached them.

    They ended up striking up a conversation with him about why they’d come to Ibiza. Later, one of them told me that she could feel the Holy Spirit prompting her to tell this young man about Jesus, so she did.

    I was in the club that night with the team, and remember looking over to see this amazing couple, heads bent as they prayed for this young man. He was so moved by them that he took them to meet his wife and family who were also in the club.

    As I think back on that story, I’m reminded what can happen when we make ourselves available to God. Even when we feel out of place or unqualified.

    That couple told me that they struggled with the idea of coming on the trip to Ibiza, wondering if God could use them. In the end they decided to take the leap of faith, and God did amazing things through them on the street and in the club that night.

    “My grace is always more than enough for you, and my power finds its full expression through your weakness.” So I will celebrate my weaknesses, for when I’m weak I sense more deeply the mighty power of Christ living in me.”

    – 2 Corinthians 12:9

    As I headed into the rest of the summer, I was challenged by this couple’s example. When I felt out of place, or unqualified, I pushed myself to step into my weaknesses with faith. Trusting the power of Christ to meet me there.

    It’s amazing how God wants to use every part of us. Not just the bits that we think we’ve perfected, but even the parts we want to hide.

    We all have areas of weakness, little hidden corners of our lives that we’d love no one to see.  But God sees them and wants to manifest his power in those places.

    What are your weaknesses? Whatever they are, I challenge you to step out in faith, dance, and see what God wants to get up to!

    Find out more about 24-7 Ibiza on their website: 24-7ibiza.com 

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    Poppy Williams
    Poppy Williams

    Poppy is a part of the 24-7 prayer community in Ibiza working on the streets of the West End. She's originally from Cleveland, Ohio. Read more about her Ibiza adventures on her blog.