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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

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What is a 24-7 Prayer Room?
Prayer rooms

What is a 24-7 Prayer Room?

The first 24-7 Prayer Room – an empty space in a renovated warehouse – was sparked by a simple challenge: 

“What would happen if we prayed night and day for a whole month?”

That was in 1999. And the prayer still hasn’t stopped.

What is a 24-7 Prayer Room?

A 24-7 Prayer room is a creative prayer space that enables a chain of unbroken day and night prayer, bringing friends, communities and churches together to seek the presence of God.

What’s special about a 24-7 Prayer room?

It’s a place of the Presence of God

The Holy Spirit fills not only people, but places, too. Ancient Celts used use the phrase “thin places” to describe where the veil between heaven and earth becomes so thin that prayer flows easily, and the still, small voice of God is clearer and powerful.

People often report that their sense of the Presence of God in the prayer room deepens as the space is saturated in prayer. Over and over, people report that in the presence of God, one hour in the Prayer Room feels like ten minutes. Sometimes people who don’t know Jesus are drawn into the prayer room and find themselves feeling close to Him there.

God is always with us – but when we set a space aside specifically as a place to meet with Him, He loves to answer our invitation.

It’s a place of creativity and freedom

One of the key features of a 24-7 Prayer Room is the creative freedom it offers. It’s not prescriptive, and there’s no wrong or right way to spend time there. 

24-7 Prayer Rooms often incorporate art and creativity into their design, with materials that engage all five senses and offer opportunities to paint, draw, sing, dance, scribble, lie down, read, listen to music, and engage with the Holy Spirit. This creativity challenges long-held preconceptions about prayer and helps people to be open to encounter God in fresh ways. 

It’s a place of pilgrimage

We believe that there is significance in devoting a specific time in a specific place to pray; stepping out of your normal routine to make a physical journey – a pilgrimage – to a dedicated place of prayer. It is a sacrifice of time, convenience, and attention underlining what is truly important to you. If nothing else, this sacrifice is a sign to yourself, to your community, and to the world: a sign of faith that prayer is significant, that God is listening, that He meets with us today.

It’s an enduring encouragement

A prayer room is a picture of constant activity in the heart of every believer. It helps us maintain the flame of worship on the altar of our lives. We leave the prayer room encouraged and enabled to keep on praying consciously and subconsciously through the trials of the day ahead.

Non-stop prayer isn’t simply about a place of prayer; it is an attitude of prayer that reminds us of the reality that we are called to constant conversation and relationship with the God who created us.

Run a Prayer Room

Over the years, we’ve looked beyond the room. Non-stop prayer has been hosted in caravans, tents, schools, and even buses. 

Once you’ve identified your space, registering your 24-7 Prayer Room at gives you access to our online sign-up tool, which gives you everything you need to coordinate community prayer slots and run your Prayer Room yourself.  

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