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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

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Try Journaling

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For centuries, Christians have written prayers of need, praise and everything in between. From ancient Psalms to poems on the walls of 24-7 Prayer Rooms, writing has been an aid to prayer.

Journaling is a great tool to keep note of our thoughts and prayers, helping us to grow in hearing and understanding the voice of God.

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1. Write your thoughts

If your head feels full of thoughts and distractions, start writing these down in your journal. After you’ve finished, read back through them and turn your thoughts into prayers: what do you want to pray over? Where might God be speaking? Use your notes to form your prayers.

2. Conversation

Prayer is a dialogue. Try writing down the things you want to say to God, pausing, listening and recording God’s whispers back (check out our listening webpage for more on this). The better we get at quieting ourselves and recognising God’s voice, the more freely conversation flows.

3. Write a letter

Form your prayer as a letter to God, and use this simple method to communicate in a new way.

4. Write a list

Many people use journals as a way to structure their prayer lives.  Try writing lists of things you want to bring to God’s attention.  You can note any responses to your prayers, and tick things off the list as they are resolved.  Over time, it’s incredible to look back and see the answers God’s given as we persistently pray. 

5. Reminders

A journal is a great place to record the things God has said to you. Use your journal to note down words, pictures, answered prayers, things you’re thankful for, and other ways God has spoken. This can be an amazing encouragement when you’re struggling or need to be reminded of God’s faithfulness over time.

Check out this downloadable PDF on Journaling from our Prayer Course website

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