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Pray for the world

How to pray for breaking news stories

4 Min Read

Prayer moves the hand of God and changes the course of history. However, we live in a world where tragedy, danger and death are a daily reality.

News apps and websites mean that we’re always connected to what’s happening in the world, but sometimes when a news story breaks, it can be difficult to know how to respond in prayer.

So when the world is shaking around us, where do we turn? How do we pray?

How to Pray for Breaking News stories

1. Get Informed

Gather the basics of the story from a trustworthy source. What’s happening? Where? Who is affected? Who are the key leaders and who will be responding? What are the needs right now? 

2 Pray for People

Pray for those who are negatively affected.  Pray for those who have their lost families, friends and loved ones.  Pray for those who are still in danger. 

3. Pray for the Circumstances

What are the problems that only God can fix? Ask God to intervene and for God’s presence to be felt.

4. Pray for those in Power

Who are the decision makers that can impact the story? Pray for mercy, compassion and wisdom as they deal with the situation.

5. Pray for the Church

Who can spread God’s love and God’s hope in the situation?  Pray for pastors, churches and non-government organisations; that they would be equipped with all they need in the situation.

6. Motivate Others

If you’re organising group prayer for the story, find connections and make the story relevant and personal – this will aid and equip your prayers.

7. Share your Prayer

Use social media to share your prayers, and inspire others to add their ‘Amen’ too.

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