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    The 24-7 Prayer Podcast
    The 24-7 Prayer Podcast: Episode

    Austria: A Catholic Perspective on Prayer

    What does the Catholic tradition have to teach about prayer? 

    In this episode Hannah and Brian, two Protestants, are joined by two Catholics: Christoph Neuwirth, the National Leader of 24-7 Prayer Austria, and Father Wolfgang Kimmel, a Catholic priest in Vienna and member of the charismatic Catholic community Loretto. 

    Brian and Hannah bring some frequently-asked-questions to Christoph and Father Wolfgang – what does it mean to pray the Rosary? Do Catholics pray to Mary? – and explore some of the similarities and differences between traditions with curiosity and humility. Christoph and Father Wolfgang share about the profound impact that prayer has made in their lives, and they tell stories about how day-and-night prayer rooms have transformed their communities in an ‘explosion of mission.’  

    If you’ve ever been curious about the Catholic tradition, or if you’re simply hungry to hear about how God is meeting with people in Vienna, Austria – this episode is for you. 

    Explore more: 

    Learn about the Loretto Community 

    Dr Maximillian Oettingen, leader of the Loretto Community, gave a talk about Mary at a 24-7 Prayer conference. Watch it here. 

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