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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

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How to run a virtual prayer room
Prayer rooms

How to run a virtual prayer room

A virtual prayer room is a space online enabling a chain of unbroken prayer, bringing people together from wherever they are in the world to pray

We’re seeing a growing number of virtual prayer rooms, where communities are creating unbroken chains of 24-7 Prayer without a physical place to pray.  

What’s a virtual prayer room?

A virtual prayer room is a space online enabling a chain of unbroken prayer, bringing people together from wherever they are in the world to pray. It means that groups can join together from different areas, or even different time zones!

Top tips for hosting a virtual prayer room:

Register your prayer room online

Wherever you are, register your virtual prayer room and send the link to your free, digital prayer room sign-up tool to everyone who’s going to pray. Encourage them to commit to an hour or more of praying from home.

Gather a group

Who do you feel called to pray with? This could be people from your church, community, workplace, fellow students or friends. Because it’s a virtual space, you can pray with people no matter where they are in the world!

Share a digital space

Create a shared space online to prompt and inspire people in their prayers, and collate your thoughts and prayers as a group. You can do this using Trello, Pinterest or a Facebook page or group.

Create and inspire

Once you have decided on a platform to host your virtual room, you could create virtual prayer stations or aids using a board or post for each topic.

Each prayer focus could include a scripture and suggested prayer activity to help people talk to God. Get creative and design prayer stations that engage the heart, mind and senses.

Gather Feedback

Add a feedback section to your online space, or share an email address that people can use to communicate what they’re hearing from God.

Share any appropriate feedback you receive with those taking part. Sending a midweek, ‘thank you for praying’ and ‘this is what we are seeing’ update can be encouraging.

Also consider a round-up email at the end celebrating the fact you’ve reached your goal together, and inviting people to share their reflections.  

Hybrid Prayer Rooms

As we emerge from the Coronavirus Pandemic we are seeing people combining traditional in-person prayer rooms with virtual prayer rooms. Check out how St John’s Church did this.

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