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What is prayer?

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Navah Church

Kansas City, Missouri
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Navah Church

Meet the community

Navah is one church made up of many home churches (a family of families), spread across Kansas City, pastored and equipped by seven regional teams and a Core Team of Elders. Each multi-generational home church, functioning as a prayerful family on mission, is teaching people to love and follow Jesus together in all of life. We have two ‘Home Sundays’ a month and two Sundays that we gather as one big Navah family. Alongside the wider body of Christ in Kansas City and 24-7 Prayer globally, we are labouring to see Jesus transform hearts, homes, neighbourhoods and nations.

Our Story

Our story stems back to the kingdom seed of friends in love with Jesus, praying and dreaming together. After moving into a foreclosed drug house on the east side of Kansas City in 2003, a few months later they met Pete and Sammy Greig and became part of the 24-7 Prayer movement.

The Greigs moved to KC and helped establish 24-7 Prayer USA and later commissioned this growing family of friends then called the KC Boiler Room in 2005. A decade of fumbling on the tripping edge of the kingdom brought wild adventures, a growing multi-generational family forged through fire, and a deepening maturity in our identity as beloved sons and daughters inChrist.

Prompted by the Father, we changed our name at our 10 year anniversary to Navah, reflecting the Spirit’s work in us and through us.

We are still having fun, the kingdom seed we started with continues to multiply and we pray Jesus is delightfully honoured through it all!