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St. Clair Church

Hamilton, Ontario
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St. Clair Church

Our Story

We come from all walks of life and have found a common bond in learning what it means to be followers of Jesus. We believe that Jesus was not simply a good man or a prominent religious figure. Rather we are convinced that Jesus life and teaching is the clearest picture of who God is. We recognize this is a profound mystery that we can’t fully understand yet so many of us have experienced the transformative power of coming to know God personally.

Our lives are forever changed because Jesus has done for us what we could not do for ourselves. It’s through God’s forgiveness that we have found healing in our brokenness and have been brought into a unique and special relationship of knowing God as our Heavenly Father.

We believe Jesus is the light of the world and that we are given a very real hope for this world, a hope that is truly of cosmic proportions, touching the farthest corners of the planet and the darkest corners of our heart.

As a community, we seek to live lives of gratitude by practicing generosity and hospitality so that others may come to know the same degree of love that God has shown to us. At StClair, we value celebrating a meal together in each other’s homes during the week and during our Sunday gatherings.