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What is prayer?

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Greater Ontario House of Prayer

Hamilton, Ontario
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Greater Ontario House of Prayer

Meet the community

As a new monastic community set in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, we pursue the ‘abundant life’ offered by Jesus through rhythms of prayer, fasting, silence and solitude, shared meals, learning and hospitality. We also equip and disciple others through our internships, spiritual direction, prayer events(two weeks of 24-7 prayer for the city in March; prayer vigil for homelessness inApril/May; outdoor Prayer Truck in July)and itinerant teaching and preaching. Though we have a special affinity for the contemplative and charismatic traditions we work with a variety of churches and para-church organisations across a broad denominational spectrum. We are called to pray and to serve Jesus and his church.

Our Story

Established October 15, 2001 by Jill and Kirk Weber, the Greater Ontario House of Prayer(GOHOP) was inspired by the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City, MO, with the vision to establish day and night prayer and worship in Southern Ontario.After nearly a decade of prayer and worship modelled after IHOP, GOHOP began connecting with 24-7 Prayer. 24-7 Prayer exhibited a cultural ethos that helped GOHOP connect and relate to a greater breadth of churches, denominations and para-church organisations. In relationship with 24-7 Prayer, GOHOP began to emerge as a spiritual formation community. We appropriated monastic language and added to our existing prayer practices rhythms of silence solitude, meal-sharing and grew in the practices of mission and hospitality. We also began sharing our learnings with others. We developed a 9-month, study/ practice-based internship, Studies in New Monasticism. We also started offering spiritual direction to both individuals and groups.

At present we have nearly a dozen spiritual directors who are either on staff, adjunct or in-training.