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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

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Extend your prayer time

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Slow down and spend more time in God’s presence.

In a world where something is always demanding our attention, a quiet time can feel like one more thing to tick off the to do list.

Try these simple ideas to extend your prayer time:

Slow down

Take time to pause and rest in God’s presence. So often, we come to God thinking about what He can do for us rather than who He is.

Take time to worship and give thanks for who God is. Rest in His presence. As we spend time with God and draw near to Him, He draws near to us.

You can find more tips for slowing down in our Take Time PDF, and more tips for your quiet time in Brian Heasley’s book Be Still: A Simple Guide to Quiet Times

Block out time

The idea of spending an extended period seeking God can seem daunting, but so often can help us to leave feeling lighter and refreshed.

While blocking out a day or more may not be possible for everyone, even a couple of hours can bring new perspective.

You may want to spend time with God in nature, reading, writing, or getting creative. Invite the Holy Spirit to speak, and take time to be still and listen.

Find out more about having a retreat or pilgrimage using our downloadable PDFs from The Prayer Course toolshed.

Meditate on Scripture

Sometimes when we read the Bible, it feels like more equals better. Instead, take time to read God’s Word slowly. You may just want to focus on one verse.

Pay attention to any words or phrases which jump out. Bring those before God in prayer and ask for wisdom and revelation.

You may want to start in the Psalms or Jesus’ parables.

Try our free Lectio 365 app which contains devotional content to help you pause, pray, and mediate on Scripture at the start and end of every day

Reflect and remember

Take time to reflect on what God is doing in this season of your life. Ask God how to respond to what He’s teaching you.

You may want to journal as a way to record your prayers and what God is saying to you. In tough seasons, you can use this to reflect on all God has done and remember the promises He’s spoken over your life.

To find out more about journaling, have a look at our journaling page

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