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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

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The Manor House Community

Steffisburg, Switzerland
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The Manor House Community

Meet the Community

What do you get when families, couples and singles decide to live in a community of houses and shared gardens? A vibrant, down-to-earth, chaotic, imperfect but authentic group of Christ followers, doing the hard work of getting along with each other as we explore modern monasticism–rooted on ancient spirituality, grounded in today’s society.

The common rhythm of prayer helps us discover the new stories God is writing in and through our lives. It holds us together while also compelling us to move out and on. We find others attracted by it, joining us on the journey to see similar communities planted all over Europe.

Our Story

We started out, not as a community of friends, but as a bunch of people with the same desire to see an ancient way of life rediscovered and coming back to life.

So, we abandoned our old homes and built new ones in slipper distance proximity. We’ve opened up our lives, families and kitchens to share it with others.

We are bound together by a common rule of life, thus combining a binding rhythm of life as seen in the old monastic orders with the challenges of everyday family and professional life in the 21st century. We minimise our lives to the max, focusing on God and the service He has entrusted us with. We support each other as we take responsibility in families, in politics, business, and media. We punctuate our days with prayer and our months with the celebration of the stories of old…longing for the awakening of a new dawn in Europe.