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    #Belfast19: Speaking Hope across the Nations

    Beth Tays

    3 Min Read

    17 October 2019

    The 24-7 Prayer Ireland team have been preparing hard for our conference which is NEXT WEEK!

    Beth from the Ireland team shares their heart for what’s ahead for us:  

    We are one week away from welcoming the nations to Belfast and we are so excited! As we prepare to host this 20 year celebration of 24-7 Prayer, our hearts are full of anticipation of what the Lord will do as we gather.

    And we can’t think of a better time for our hearts to be stirred by the Spirit in this place, for this place, and from this place.

    The days that we’ll gather to worship, pray, learn and lean into the presence of God coincide with a significant period of political decisions for the UK and Ireland.

    However, these contentious and fragile times are not limited to mere politics, but are multi-faceted and seeded deep in the heart of our culture here in Northern Ireland.

    So we find ourselves in the midst of a season of helping the Church to find her voice to speak hope, life, light and love; a voice that cuts through the clamour and clanging of the race of opinions that fill the air of these times.

    It is a voice that reaches into the fissures and fractures in this shaky ground and points towards the Unshakeable; that sounds like love and ushers in Jesus.

    As we come together as a global movement of prayer, we are able – in this time and at this place – to utter together those powerful words:

    “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven”

    More than ever before, our hearts are stirred to pray for awakening. That in our time he would do it again; that the Church would awaken and be that ‘light of the world’ Jesus has called us to be; that the kingdom seed embedded in the hearts of men and women across this land would awaken, and we would see a harvest of people’s lives being radically transformed by the love of Jesus.

    We know the Lord is stirring this call to awakening across the world. These are significant times not just in Ireland, but in the nations; and in the Church globally.

    So we believe this will be an important moment together as we gather at the end of the month celebrating the history of the 24-7 Prayer movement, with the heritage and history of this place.

    We are so excited to do that with you, leaning into what the Lord is doing now and teeing up for what he’s about to do in our time, and beyond.

    Full conference tickets for our Belfast conference close Friday 18 October.

    Saturday Day Tickets are also available.

    Head to

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    Beth Tays
    Beth Tays

    Beth is from California but has lived and worked in Belfast for the last 16 years.  She helps to lead the 24-7 Prayer movement in Ireland.