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    365 days non-stop: PRAY19 Switzerland

    Susanna Rychiger

    4 Min Read

    26 February 2020

    In 2019, 24-7 Prayer Switzerland ambitiously decided to begin a year of non-stop prayer in their nation.

    Here, they explain what happened…            

    On January 1 2019, we launched a year of non-stop prayer at a Youth camp with 6000 young people. From this point, prayer spread through young people into our nation, into different denominations, churches, organisations and throughout generations.

    Our last successful year of non-stop prayer in Switzerland took place in 2006 (with a less successful attempt in-between), and it really was one of our dreams becoming reality. PRAY19 was an incredible year, orchestrated by God.

    My heart cries out not only for prayer, but also for unity. I have been journeying with 24-7 Prayer for 20 years, and my experience is unity grows out of prayer. PRAY19 is proof – six different national organisations formed a team and took responsibility together. Sixteen partners across the nation supported, spread the word and prayed with us.

    I’m amazed by the diversity we found, yet the unity we felt to see prayer spread across our nation. Over 200 groups registered their Prayer rooms and prayed non-stop for one day; three days; a week or more…

    The Switzerland prayer stake

    In 2006, God enabled us to connect the prayer weeks that were taking place by passing a prayer stake to the different places; bringing the blessing from one place to another.

    So for 2019, we decided it was time to dust off our prayer stake and send it on a journey again. We had a ‘travel agent’ who organised the journey of the stake, transported by people personally, or posted; enabling our prayer stake to travel 3062km! The stories we heard from these journeys were amazing; people connected that would never have connected otherwise.

    What next for Switzerland

    Countless young people set out in 2019 to discover the beauty, depth and power of prayer in their everyday lives. Yes, PRAY19 ended in January, but the dream continues.

    We are dreaming of a non-stop prayer movement in our nation. We dream that every church becomes a place of prayer again. It is our dream to see a culture of prayer shaping our society and our nation. 24-7 Prayer Switzerland is too small to be able to see this dream come true on our own –  but God is bigger, and we have partners at our side who will help God’s dream to come true in our nation.

    The spark that jumped to Switzerland from England 20 years ago and started with a fire of passionate prayer in the first 24-7 Prayer room in Switzerland was never extinguished. Through the years sometimes it got smaller, but then the fire was sparked again.

    Through PRAY19 the fire has become bigger than ever – and this is not the end. 

    Inspired to get your community (or nation) praying?!

    Check out our prayer rooms hub for practical tips and wisdom. 

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    Susanna Rychiger
    Susanna Rychiger

    Susanna Rychiger is the national team leader of 24-7 Switzerland.  Passionate about prayer and discipleship, Susanna lives in a community house in the beautiful city of Thun.  Susanna enjoys time with God, friends and international travel where she makes use of her excellent language talents.